An In-Depth Guide to Poker Tournaments
A poker tournament can be a fun and rewarding experience for any player from novice to expert, but if you haven’t joined one before a tournament can seem like an intimidating commitment. Unlike at a cash game, a tournament requires you to commit a lot of time, energy, and obviously money, so you don’t want to go in unprepared.
Essential Psychological Differences Between Face to Face and Online Poker
Although poker is a game of skill, much of the enjoyment and part of winning is the ability to out-think your opponent and use effective mind games. Pretending to have a bad hand, bluffing having a good hand are part of the mind games. Reading tells and working out who is bluffing and what they are covering up is an essential part of the game – when playing in person. But what about online? Does it count when you can’t see the other players’ faces? Here are the differences between playing poker online and in real life.
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About Titan Poker

Titan Poker was opened in 2005 and has ever since been the biggest site on the iPoker network. The iPoker networks was launched the year before and consists of a big number of so called skins that act as separate poker websites, but connecting all the players in the same network. Despite being able to accept american players, iPoker has up to 65 000 players online at the same time playing for real money. This means that all the skins that are run on the iPoker network is the third biggest poker room. One downside is that since almost all players are based in Europe, the total number of potential opponents drops when off peak (evening hours in Europe). 

The best thing with iPoker is their support and also their promotions. Rakeback is disallowed on all sites based off of iPoker so if you see any site offering this, you know they are playing against the rules.

Titan Poker really has first class support. It has the best support on the iPoker network and in fact even the best support of every other poker room and poker network aswell. It's simply the best. The support operators know their poker room, they answer fast and are well spoken.

The bonuses may look impressive at first but they are hard to release. The freerolls and other guaranteed tournaments could also benefit from deeper priza pools. What saves them on the promotions department is their progressive VIP program and also the SitNGo Japckpots they have.

The poker client is pleasant looking but is not very customizable and looks a bit old fashioned. The cash games are good and also feature beginner tables. The only thing to complain about here is the scheduled poker tournament program that could be richer.

In all, Titan Poker is a great place to play if you feel that you want speedy support to back you up. This along with the fact that Titan Poker offers everything that a regular poker player could ever want makes it a good place to start. Don't forget to use our Titan Poker bonus code to ensure the best start at Titan Poker!

What Are The Odds for Video Poker?

Before we begin, it’s important to note that video poker isn’t the same as poker. It’s similar, yes, but it’s not the same. It’s a hybrid of both five card poker and a slot game, and it is everywhere. Video poker is insanely popular, because it gives players the fun of a slot machine with the ability to make decisions which is something that is usually out of their hands when it comes to slots. In poker it’s all part of the deal (literally), so this combination of the two seems to have won a lot of people over in the many decades it has been around.

Plus, you don’t have to know anything in depth about poker to be able to play since the slot machine part of it all helps you along.

But despite the fun factor, is video poker something that is actually worth your time and money? Is there any point in playing it?

Let’s look at the odds and find out.


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Titan Poker's Gtd's For This Weekend

This weekend at Titan Poker you have two guaranteed tournaments to play.  You can choose the $50,000 dollar guaranteed Freezeout on Saturday, April 24th or the $250,000 dollar Guaranteed Freezeout this Sunday, April 25th or play in both. Don’t worry if you miss one of the guarantee’s because they are both weekly guaranteed tournaments that runs every weekend.  The only exception is the $250K it happens every Sunday except for when they are running the Monthly Million. The $50,000 dollar GTD Freezeout starts out with 5,000 chips and blinds increase every 15 minutes and you can have unlimited rebuys during the first hour of the tourney. The buyin will cost you $100 + $9 dollars but just like other tourneys at Titan Poker you can your buyin through daily satellites. The $250K Guaranteed tournament starts out with 5,000 chips and the blinds increase every 15 minutes.  You can buyin directly for $300 + $20 dollars or you can win your seat by playing in a daily satellite.