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Friday, February 15 2019 13:10

Before we begin, it’s important to note that video poker isn’t the same as poker. It’s similar, yes, but it’s not the same. It’s a hybrid of both five card poker and a slot game, and it is everywhere. Video poker is insanely popular, because it gives players the fun of a slot machine with the ability to make decisions which is something that is usually out of their hands when it comes to slots. In poker it’s all part of the deal (literally), so this combination of the two seems to have won a lot of people over in the many decades it has been around.

Plus, you don’t have to know anything in depth about poker to be able to play since the slot machine part of it all helps you along.

But despite the fun factor, is video poker something that is actually worth your time and money? Is there any point in playing it?

Let’s look at the odds and find out.

There are different variants of video poker, just like there are different types of standard poker, so it does, to an extent, depend on which game you are playing as to what the odds of winning are.

For example, in a type of video poker known as ‘jacks or better’ (this is the most common form of video poker, and, as the name suggests, you begin winning – or receiving a payout – only if you have a hand containing a jack… or better) the odds are pretty good.

For a jack, the odds are 1 in 4.66, and the payout is 1:1. Two pair has odds of 1 in 7.74 and will return 2:1. Three of a kind offers odds of 1 in 13.43 and has a payout of 3:1. A straight has odds of 1 in 89.05, and the payout is a nice 4:1. For a flush it’s 1 in 90.79 with a payout of 6:1, and a full house gets you 9:1 for 1 in 86.86. Four of a kind offers odds of 1 in 423.47 (yelp, it’s getting harder now!), with a return of 25:1 to reflect the odds that have suddenly more than quadrupled. A straight flush has a chance of 1 in 9148.29 of happening, and it will pay out 50:1 if it does. As for the royal flush, good luck, because those odds are 1 in 40387.72… but if it does happen, you’re in for a happy day indeed since the payout is at 800:1.

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